Learning Areas

The learning areas consist of both programmes and faculties that are available for study for all students of James Cook High School. Some may have additional student services recommended to them to support their studies as well.

Faculty of English & Literacy

In English classes, students learn everything they need to know, in order to communicate their ideas and needs, as well as to understand what others are trying to communicating to them. This department supports literacy development in senior students.

Faculty of Samoan Language

Samoan Language classes allow students to learn their language, their culture, their values as a Samoan as well as their ability to speak and write in the Samoan language.

Faculty of Tongan Language

The Tongan Language department ion JCHS is about the teaching of Lea Faka-Tonga to level 1, 2 and 3 students. They sit external exams and have internal assessments for each level. Tongan is one of the university approved subjects and it is for second language learners as well.

Faculty of Sports, Health & Physical Education

This department provides the students with gym equipment, opportunities to participate in events like the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge, as well as access to a large variety of sports including netball, rugby, waka ama.

Faculty of Visual Arts

The art department wants students to have the capacity to learn how to learn. We to encourage students to have high expectations, show curiosity and enquiry in their learning, to aim for personal excellence and have the ability to think innovatively.

Faculty of Drama & Performing Arts

Drama and dance classes allows students not only to develop their performance skills but also to develop skills in self-awareness, critical thinking, self-confidence, and arts appreciation.

Junior Integrated Programme (JIP)

JIP provides guided literacy programmes and focused inquiries that investigate concepts and topics across the curriculum programmes for students who require support numeracy.

Services Academy

Services academy gives student the opportunity to push individual boundaries, physical, and mental limits as well as encourage teamwork, discipline, and competitiveness. All of this increases the chances of success for a student’s chosen career path.

Faculty of Puutake

Puutake provides opportunities for students to share and learn about Māori culture through performance. James Cook High School students are well-known for educating their community on Māori culture and for their outstanding Puutake performances.

Faculty of Music

Our school provides an outstanding and comprehensive range of learning opportunities on a variety of musical instruments. Students can also perform at a variety of co-curricular events and win awards including professional instruction with trained musicians.

Faculty of Math & Numeracy

This department provides a range of courses catering to the needs of all students. Numeracy entails the practical application of mathematics in everyday life and there are specialized math courses in statistics and calculus as well.

Faculty of Science

The Science department at James Cook High School delivers a variety of courses for our students such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Horticulture and Junior and Senior Sciences.

Faculty of Social Science

Social science develops imagination, critical thinking, reasoning power and provides knowledge in the areas related to culture and civilization such as economics, history, and tourism.

Technology Faculty

Technology classes provide students the opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills and practical knowledge. Students undertake practical activities and projects, building or making things, which gives them hands-on experience that is relevant to the workplace.

Teen Parent Unit

The Teen Parent Unit supports school-aged students who are pregnant or who already have tamariki. Their mission statement is TAONGA (Totally Acknowledging Our Next Generation’s Abilities).

Vocational Pathways Faculty

The Vocational Pathways (Careers & Gateway) Department, is located in D-Block, opposite the Health & Wellbeing Department. The Careers Team are available to help all students gain an understanding of their career interests, skill areas, and develop their career pathways. The Careers Centre is open every interval and lunch time for students to come in with any queries.  Students and their families are also welcome to book an individual careers session with the Career Adviser if they require extra academic assistance or career guidance. Here are just some of the events/activities we provide:

  • Career development workshops e.g. First Aid and Workplace Health & Safety, Customer Service; Learners Drivers Licence each school holidays
  • Support to attaining Restricted Drivers Licences
  • STAR short courses
  • Gateway work experience
  • Annual tertiary, trades and vocational pathway providers expos on site
  • Employment preparation assistance i.e. CVs, job search skills and interview preparation
  • Scholarship sessions

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