Late Policy

The policy below addresses the issue of lateness, which has dropped 90% from the time it was implemented in October 2018.

Students Arriving Late to School

If a student arrives to school after 8:40am they must sign in at the Restorative Room as normal. The consequence of being late to school is that the student will have a 30 minute “Catch up Time” in the School Hall at Lunchtime.

When the student signs in at the Restorative Room they will be issued a “Late Slip”.
This must be presented to the class teacher when they get to class. If they do not show this they will be sent to the Restorative Room to collect one.

Catch up Times run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at lunchtime (1:30pm – 2pm)

The names of late students will be recorded and a roll call taken during the Catch Up Time.

Students will have two chances to complete the Catch Up Time:
The day of the late to school.
The next CUT day after the late to school.

Missing a Catch Up Time

If a student does not complete the Catch Up then they will have to complete a 1 hour Catch Up after school on a Wednesday with a member of the SLT.


If a student requires a permanent late pass for any reason please inform the school immediately.
If the students is late due to school and has a note or a caregiver can call to clarify the reason for late, the Catch Up Time will not need to be completed.

School starts at 8:40am. Don’t be late.