Kennedy Kioa Toi Faimanifo

As a young Maori/Samoan boy who played prop in rugby in the 1st 15 alongside Lelia Masaga, my dream since I was a kid was to become an artist. Mrs. Nevison really helped me prepare for that. I studied until I got a lot and the knowledge and along the way, that helped me to become who I am today. Here is a timeline of my accomplishments:

2004-2008: I attained my Diploma in Classical Animation (Disney 2D Animation) where I then went on to work on the Bro Town series in Animation College.

2008: I attained my Diploma in 3D Animation (Pixar 3D Animation) and then went on to work for a few animation studios in Auckland like Flux, Toybox, and Oktobor. My biggest project at that time was the Kung Fu Panda TV series.

2012: I attained my Bachelor’s at Media Design School in Art and Design while working.

2009 – 2017: I started teaching and then I started developing animation / VFX courses (Levels 5-7). My students developed everything that relates to filming, animation and VFX. Here is a showcase of the students work over the last 3 years of me teaching:

2017: I gained my Post Graduate Certificate in Design while working.

Currently, I work at Weta Digital in Wellington where I am a Layout Technical Director Artist working on VFX Films:

This job is rewarding not only financially but also in lifestyle. Its no South Auckland but it’s a place to call home. I hope to work on the next Avatar in the coming years.

My passion has been to help and show the Polynesian community studying this field of work that working in the industry on movies like Avatar or Planet of the Apes is possible, if they are passionate. I have made a strong connection with the Polynesian community in the industry.

At home in my spare time I’m working on my own indie game called “TOA Maui & the Soul Reaper”: