Josephine Vili

Josephine Vili was recent selected as one of two New Zealand Student Ambassadors for James Cook High School. Both of our student ambassadors went to an international conference in Portugal with Deputy Principal, Marlene Anderson, in September 2018. Josephine has also won runner up in 2018’s Stand Up Stand Out competition.

Q: I wanted to ask a little bit about your experience at James Cook High School. What does a day in the life look like?

A:  A Day in the life at JC. I wake up. After I get up, I get ready and I walk to school, and then I go to all my classes, and then there are after school programs I attend. Every day is different: on Tuesdays, I study math, on Wednesday I study English, on Thursday, I study biology, and on Friday, I study physics.

Q: What do you think about the new late policy at James Cook High School?

A: I think it’s really good because the students used to always come late but now, the students know that if they’re late they have to go and see the teacher. So they know they have to come in early and it’s a really good change.

Q: What you’re favourite project that you’ve done for the school so far?

A: This year, I was selected to represent our school as a New Zealand Student Ambassador and I got to fly to Portugal. I stayed there for two weeks.

Q: How did you become involved in that?

A: In our school, we have a bridges to employment program and in this program there’s an international conference every single year. The school asked us to apply and I got in.

Q: What was Portugal like for you?

A: Portugal was a really life-changing experience. It was really amazing and I got to go on my own, which made me more independent. I walked away with something from it – I realised there was more to the world outside of Auckland.

Q: Who is your favourite teacher at James Cook?

A: That’s a hard one. My favourite teacher is Miss Williams, shout outs to you Miss Williams. Through my ups and downs, she always stayed by my side. It sucks that she’s resigning this year. I wish her well.

Q: What was your favourite memory of JC?

A: I have a lot of memories of JC and my favourite one would have to be when I went to Portugal.

Q: How do you think the school can improve itself?

A: I think the school can improve in a lot of ways. I think we can have more fun days. We can have a fun theme like at Manurewa High School they have superhero days when you can dress like your favourite superhero. I think the kids would really like that and they would come to school instead of wagging.

Q: JC is having its 50th reunion this year. Do you think when you’re an adult you would want to come back and visit JC at one of the reunions?

A: Yeah!