Each student at James Cook High School is assigned a Tutor Group which is associated with a House where they stay for their time at the high school. The tutor group teacher has the same group every year with new Year 9 students arriving and senior students leaving, which provides opportunities for academic coaching. This provides stability for students, as well as a first point of contact for parents and caregivers: you should get in touch with your child’s Tutor Teacher, in the first instance, if you have concerns about your child’s progress or well-being at school. The Tutor Teacher will contact you discuss any issues or concerns from the school’s point of view as well.

The Tutor Teacher gets to know every student very well and monitors their academic and personal progress. This fosters a sense of close community and empowerment for each student. The house also provides opportunities for friendly competition with the other houses in sports activities. The four houses are: Ruaumoko (Red), Tangaroa (Blue), Tane Mahuta (Green), & Tawhirimatea (Silver/Grey).